8 Videos That Keep Us Going!

Here are a few videos we love to brighten up your day and give you some inspiration for your next Vidsy vid

Read Time: 5 mins

1. The Ducks Are Coming


There's nothing like a cheeky quack... A simple squeaky toy rallies the troops releasing an unexpected war cry before our very ears!

It just goes to show that a tasty bit of sound can go a long way for your content! 

2.  Little Miss

This little lady has got the moves. She’s also got us feeling like ‘oh I’ve been there’ with just a few words.

Our fave videos are often the ones we most relate to - it's the great expressions and reactions that get us chuckling over here at Vidsy HQ.

3. Chewwy Got Skills

Who knew Chewwy was a pro skater? Well now we get to see him in his down time doing the thing he loves with his mates. These secret skills make for some great viewing.

If you or your mates have got any exciting talents, use them! We love to see those mad skills you’ve got both behind the camera and in front of it!

If you can wow the audience then now is your chance. 

4. Go To New Heights

Dancing on a rock*, nothing too special but once the full location is revealed, this shot becomes epic.

Why not explore a little and find your own epic location for your videos? Better than using your kitchen over and over again!

*No falling off any giant rocks though please! We aren't fans of funerals

5. A Creative Kiss


How cool is this!?  We love how super creative it is and it shows off some incredible animation skills.

We love seeing what our animating creatives can come up with, its always something different and a real attention grabber. Don't feel you just have to stick to live action videos on Vidsy Challenges. 

6. An Editing Masterclass


It’s fast paced and wonderfully edited, making you want to watch it on loop to get a good glimpse of each bit.

Are you an editing wizard? Let’s see what you’re made of!

Don't leave the editing to the last minute as it can usually make or break a video. 

7. Puppy Dawg


Who doesn’t love a dog in fancy dress? And this little pup can work that camera with the best of them!

Have you got a pet who’s hungry for fame? Maybe you could be the one to give them their big break and rocket them to internet fame... because everyone know's the internet loves cats and dogs. 

8. It's Friiiday!


Okay so first off this video is cool.

But secondly, we noticed that it was shot portrait. As Vidsy content is optimised for mobile screens it's important to think outside the box in what's going to grab people's attention the most!

Felt like we missed something? 

Drop us a line at archie@vidsy.co and let us know what we should cover next!