What Vidsy learnt at the Facebook Partner Summit 2016!

What Vidsy learnt at the Facebook Partner Summit 2016!

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Last week Vidsy attended Facebook’s Partner Summit in San Francisco, as an up and coming partner in the content marketing category! 😎🌴🌊

The summit was kicked off with a keynote from Facebook’s VP, Partnerships, Blake Chandler. Blake, highlighted some of the major milestones that have happened in the last 12 months at Facebook, including major product releases across Video, FB Live and Oculus! However, perhaps the most mind-blowing statistics were Facebook’s latest monthly user metrics…

  • Facebook: 1.7B
  • Instagram: 500M
  • Messenger: 1B
  • WhatsApp: 1B

That means… 26% of time on mobile is now spent in the Facebook “Family of Apps” 😱

The Summit consisted of a number of talks from Facebook leaders as well as a set of workshops! A major concentration throughout was of course Mobile and Video 🙌. Below I have summarised the major themes highlighted across the 2 days that sparked our interest!

1. Mobile

“Mobile is not a technology, it’s a behaviour”

- Mobile is a constant companion, 73% have their mobile with them all the time and check it 150x a day!

- Completely different from the mediums and technologies that have come before it, e.g. Sitting in front of a PC or TV at home.

- 90% of time on mobile is spent in Apps, the major consumer behaviour within that environment is discovery!

2. Creative

“Mobile creative is NOT a 60 sec TV spot”

- The mobile discovery environment presents a number of big creative challenges for Advertisers! Traditional video production isn’t working.

- Mobile Feed is very different, it’s a high frequency, fast and sound-off environment!

- Repurposing a TVC for the mobile-feed is a start but advertisers really need to create original video ads for the mobile feed to WIN!

- Advertisers should be producing different video creative that is relevant to where the customer is in the sales cycle e.g. researching, ready to buy and existing customers.

3. Ad Products

“We continue to invest in native ad formats to decrease the friction in mobile discovery and sales”

Facebook leaders touched on all major new ad developments!

- Video Ads (In-Feed), are thriving amongst the 8B video views a day on FB. However, much room for improvement with creative. Advertisers must create mobile-first and short-form ads to reach their full potential.

- Canvas, a completely native and immersive mobile ad experience! Has seen enormous engagement and time spent on Ad. Their are exciting opportunities for advertisers to create beautiful custom canvas ads, Facebook have templates and an API on their roadmap to make this more scaleable!

- Lead Ads, have made the form filling experience fast and easy for users. Giving brands a powerful tool to obtain valuable prospect/customer data.

- Carousel Ads, rapidly becoming the most powerful and engaging ad format in News Feed. Video can now be integrated to bring sight, sound and motion that grabs attention. Some exciting developments with category page links that will allow brands to automatically upload products into the carousel.

- Facebook Creative Hub, now makes it really easy to see how your creative will look in feed and on mobile. Something we’ve already been using @ Vidsy to help clients visualise how their ads will look and feel.

4. Big Picture

“And we’re just getting started…”

Beyond its latest product developments Facebook is taking some pretty BIG bets on the future!

- Messenger, with 1B people using each of its messaging apps. With over 1B messages a month on Facebook between businesses and customers. Baby steps are now being taken to bring more opportunities to connect businesses with people. Lot’s of tests are underway behind the scenes in areas such as acquisition, loyalty, relationship building and more!

- Connectivity, Facebook is investing in a variety of ways to bring  internet access to the 4B unconnected people in the world! Check out: Free Basics, Express WiFi, Satellites, Solar-powered planes and the telecom infra project. This means brands should be thinking more and more about scaleable solutions for producing video creative in multiple, “mobile-first” markets.

- AI, is a big part of Facebook’s 10 year roadmap! AI could potentially unlock the potential of Facebooks enormous data sets to help brands understand what people are really saying about their brand or how consumer behaviours are moving in an industry!

- VR/AR, Facebook talks about VR as the next “mobile”! With the launch of Oculus earlier this year, it is clear that Facebook envisages it’s technology in this space impacting not only gaming and entertainment but retail, education, medicine and much more! Check out the video they showed from the Oculus Connect developer conference.

Overall… we had a great time getting to know more of the team at Facebook and other Marketing Partners. It was awesome to hear some of the major themes of the summit around video creative relating back directly to Vidsy. We are excited to keep building awesome products along side Facebook and our clients ✌️

Vidsy is now running a number of workshops on mobile video creative with its major brand clients.