4 Top Tips For Editing Your Travel Content

Shooting travel content is hella fun. The slightly harder task is actually editing together all your content when you get home and start suffering from the holiday blues...

DO NOT FEAR - we've come up with four top tips to make the process a breeze!

Read Time: 5 mins

1. Go through all your shots and picks out the best bits

In the office we're using Adobe Premiere Pro but you can follow this process for whatever editor your using. As you go through your footage, create in and out points for bits that stand out to you and drag them into a new sequence, we called ours "RUSHES". Go through all your clips and find all your fave bits.

2. Start being ruthless with your cuts!

Duplicate your first sequence and rename it, we called ours "EDITS". Now you can start playing back your clips and seeing what fits together or what stands out. If a shot feels weird or out of place then get rid of it or shorten it the hell down, we've always got it in our "RUSHES" sequence if we need it again. 

3. Keep it short and sweet 👌

Once that's done, you're now left with your fave shots that best fit together but they're probably still on the long side. Within the sequence create an in/out section that lasts 20 secs (for a 15 sec video) and make sure your fave clips fit within this. If they don't then you have to make some tough cutting decisions or spread your shots out into a couple of different 20 sec sections.

4. Fine tune your edit with some soulful beats 🎼

Add in your selected audio and now start fine tuning your edits and cutting to the beat. Since we've already got the best shots were now focusing on just making sweet magic. Once you've finished, export your vid, upload it and sit back and wait for the love to roll in! 

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