The one thing most marketeers get wrong on Christmas campaigns

Read time: 3 mins

Imagine a shopping mall filled with people and stores. Now imagine that each store has a sales-person outside, with a megaphone, screaming promotions and special Christmas deals.

Would you like to be there? Probably not. However, this is more or less how the internet looks during this season. Facebook has 100 million hours of video being watched daily. How your 1 minute video compete with that?

The answer: Be relevant

Making sure your audience will relate to your content is having half the battle won. And yes, this is not rocket science and most brands know this. However, at Vidsy, we still see many brands putting most of their effort in pushing their product instead of crafting a message that will be relevant to their audience.

Are you sure your ad will be relevant to your audience?

Try to be genuine 

We all love Hollywood-type commercials with big starts and special effects. Those commercials have a place - like the cinema. On our phones though, we generally prefer authentic content. Ads that almost don't look like ads perform better most of the times on social and mobile devices.

How can you get that? Move your budget from production to creative and remember to have an "always-on" strategy: your audience can bump into your Facebook page anytime. Make sure you have a constant stream of content to captivate them once they’re in.

The Vidsy approach

We believe the best creatives for your brand on social are millennials themselves. Every time our clients share briefings with us, we share it with our community of creators in a controlled brand environment. This means you don't just get one video, but a stream of videos in multiple perspectives to build an amazing story around your brand and brief on social channels.

Vidsy allows brands to produce authentic and diverse content at scale while respecting brands' quality requirement and guidelines. Our average turn around time is 2 weeks so, if you haven’t sorted Christmas already, it’s not too late!

Reach out to us and we’ll give you a hand! 🙌