7 Things We Learned From The Latest Carphone Challenge

We recently completed a cracking little challenge in collaboration with Ravensbourne University and Carphone Warehouse.

The brief was all about sharing the #FridayFeeling and we wanted to share the 7 things that we learned from all the submissions:

P.s. all the GIFs below are from the content created by the students 😎

Read Time: 6 mins

1. Money is power 


For some of the students this was the first time that they had been paid for their work and some of the feedback we got was awesome. Some spent it on new camera gear, some used it to pay their bills and some just went on a big night out!

It's great being able to reward creativity at Vidsy and it seemed to be something that certainly appealed to the guys at Ravensbourne!

2. Humour Goes Down Well!


Having a look at some of the more successful videos from this challenge it's clear that keeping content light hearted and fun definitely works in their favour. 

It doesn't have to be slapstick comedy but a bit of tongue in cheek humour here and there doesn't go a miss!

3. Creativity Lives! 


Even though everyone had the same brief, every video was executed differently. This made for a great time back at Vidsy HQ going through all the content. Some of the off the wall interpretations were brill. 

Seeing all the unique ideas and executions is the best thing about working at Vidsy. If you are ever stuck for an idea just let us know! 

4. Quality and err... Quantity...


As confusing at that may sound, the most successful creatives were the ones that submitted multiple pieces of content therefore being able to show off all their ideas.

That said it was also important that each video submitted was still high quality. 

5. Friends Are Great


Shooting solo is obviously A-OK but some great videos came from those who shot together in a group and really made use of a few extra pair of hands. 

It can often be great to get some friends involved and then pay them back by working on their videos! It's a win-win. 

6. Edit Like A Pro


It's very easy to dismiss 6 second videos as 'easy' but in fact it can actually be pretty tough to fit a decent story into such a short time.

Editing like a pro can really help in these scenarios, scrubbing a frame back and forth can really change how the video feels. Make sure you leave time before the deadline to fire up Premiere and get it all done. 

7. Be Relatable 


Our favourite content from the challenge is always the videos that we can relate to. Either it would be the 'I've been there moments' or 'that's happened to one of my mates!'. 

What makes you blurt out a cheeky chuckle on the bus on the way home? 

The best way to make compelling content is to think about what you and your friends enjoy watching and sharing. 

Think you've mastered short form? 

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