10 Vids That Nailed The Vidsy Briefs

Sometimes a creative submits a video that hits the brief so squarely on the head that we have to make a little bit of a song and dance about it.

Below you'll find 10 of our favourite videos that had us sitting upright and paying attention in the office! 

Read Time: 10 mins

1. Wake Up // Talon Outdoor // Jed DR


This brief called for our community to think of creative ways that they could express the idea of getting someone to wake up to new ideas in a short 6 sec video. Jed took this idea and executed on it perfectly with some added style to boot. 

The mixture of awesome lighting, attention to detail and simple production make this a really great piece of content. Thanks to this video Jed's work was displayed on a billboard around London!

2. #BeAHero // Post Office // Chris E


The Post Office were looking for a way to show that by buying a Pudsey badge, people could bring out the hero inside through supporting BBC Children In Need. 

Chris interpreted this brief in a great tongue in cheek way that worked really well. The mixture of good story telling, quick edits and good acting meant that Chris walked away with some cold hard cash!

3. #MondayMotivation // Carphone Warehouse // Matt L


Aren't Monday's disgusting? Trudging into work after a great weekend only to find a mountain of emails in your inbox. Ergghhh. 

Matt and his team decided to create this video as part of the #MondayMotivation brief for Carphone Warehouse, the idea being to poke fun at the things that go wrong on a Monday! 

Great comedic timing and editing along with slick shots helped this video stand out from the rest. 

4. #Xperia // Sony // Peter B


We sent a bunch of Xperia Z3s off to some of our top creators and challenged them with creating some fun videos using the included camera's features. 

Peter setup this awesome scene in his garden and was showing off the top notch slow-motion features of the Xperia Z3. Although it was just an remote control car, it managed to convince someone at Sony that it was a legit Ferrari, not bad!

5. #Stoptober // Public Health England // Laura R


In October, we tasked the community with creating some engaging content for Stoptober all about helping people to remember the negative impacts of smoking and to encourage them try stopping. 

Laura created this awesome video that showed that with one step at a time you can slowly breakdown the addiction to cigarettes.

6. Go A Little Further // Visit England // Mahmut A


This was a fun project! We sent a bunch of creators off around the North of England to show off the great views and attractions on offer. 

Mahmut showed us some great moments at the Honister Slate Mine with him and Oz sharing the story of their day with us. Beautiful shots, slick editing and great atmosphere were the key elements to making this great video. 

7. #SuperMega // Carphone Warehouse // Ben F


We've all had those annoying moments at the parents house where there is absolutely no signal to text your mates. Carphone Warehouse wanted to remind people of those signal-less moments and Ben Fox 100% delivered!

This quirky and clever video was just the right amount of humour and story to show how a man without signal quickly reverts to his ape like ways! 

8. #SuperMega // Carphone Warehouse // Alex G


Playing off the same theme as the video above Alex showed the lengths he has to go to to get signal in his hometown! Fortunately for us, no Alex's were harmed in the making of this video. 

The unexpected twist was the best aspect of this video linked with the great shots, good audio and solid acting. 

9. #ICan // Sony Mobile // Luis F


For this challenge Sony wanted to show off the fact that it's Xperia has a mahussive battery life, enough to keep you going for two days straight.

Luis came up with this great little sketch showing off how this poor lost man is struggling to survive. Why he doesn't just ring home I do not know! 

10. #FridayFeeling // Carphone Warehouse // Sal R


That moment you leave work on a Friday is just the best feeling, you might even call it a #FridayFeeling and this is exactly what Carphone Warehouse were looking for from this challenge. 

Sal's video was exactly the sort of thing they were looking for. High quality shots with a bit of tongue in cheek execution helped by the fact that it totally summed up that #FridayFeeling!

Boom! We made it to the end. 

You'll notice that a lot of these videos have some things in common: sublime shooting and editing, cracking stories and totally on brief. Bare these things in mind on our next challenge and fingers crossed you'll be on this list soon. 

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