From The Small Screen To The Big Screen

Here’s an interesting idea we thought we’d share -
how to turn a small Vidsy idea into something a whole lot bigger.

Read Time: 4 mins

A great video starts with a great idea and to connect with the audience it needs to be relatable so that everyone who watches can share in that same feeling together. 

Here’s an example we’ve found from the wonderful world of vine:


A simple and funny concept that comes across in just six seconds. Perfect! But what if the idea takes off? People love it and just can’t get enough of that cheeky little vid.

So then, let’s see what happens when we add a bigger budget, a high production value and a bit of concept development.


How good is that?! It’s really that simple, and just goes to show, if you start with a great creative idea, it can grow into something so much bigger.

With content like this you could make it work across loads of platforms and be super engaging. Just goes to show that you shouldn't under estimate the power of a short simple video.


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