7 Easy Ways To Earn More Money With Vidsy

Want to take your Vidsy game to the next level?

Vidsy gives creators like you the to chance to work with big brands like Sony, Cornetto, and Lynx by creating content to fit unique creative briefs. So far, we've paid out over £50,000 in creative awards!

Looking to get an even bigger chunk of the cash? Check out our tips on how to make the best content and the most money with Vidsy:

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1. Double-check the brief. 


Our clients love creative content, but it has to fit their campaign. Make sure you include all the points of the brief in your video to ensure it’s exactly what they are looking for. If you're confused on anything, just ask!

2. Enter as many challenges as possible. 


There are so many opportunities to hone your video skills with Vidsy - why not enter all of them? Develop your skills and make more money by taking advantage of all our challenges, even if you have no idea where to start. You never know which creative brief will result in some unexpected gold!

3. Put your own spin on things. 


Be smart but be a little selfish. Remember to keep the client’s audience in mind while making content that you enjoy. If you don’t want to watch your videos, who else will? Great at impersonations? Extreme sports? DIY? We want to see your style!

4. Make sure you video is top notch.


Take the time to make your video look good - no matter what you’re filming on. Framing shots, keeping the camera steady, and being aware of your lighting go a long way in a short video. No need for fancy equipment!

5. Let us hear it.


Mobile video is usually played without sound, but smart sound effects can add intrigue and clarity to your story. Keep things interesting with a clever swish, bang, or boom.

6. Keep your editing on point.


With less than 15 seconds to work with, every moment counts. Keep your editing slick and smooth. Think about what you can add in post-production. Zooming, flash frames, and colour can take your videos from average to awesome. 

7. Tell a great story.


Make us want to keep watching! What are your characters trying to accomplish? What's the resolution? What challenges do they face? Why does it matter? Use your imagination to serve up a bite-sized saga.

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