2015 Anti-Holiday Gift Guide For Creatives

It's that time of year...

Gift hunting is never easy and these examples will either fill your friends and family with joy or regret... Choose carefully.

Read Time: 6 mins

1. This lens wrap that doubles as an immense disappointment

Honestly, have you ever wanted to have something look like a burrito and then not be a burrito? Neither have we (duh). But your mom will think you have. That's why she'll buy you this wrap to protect your lens and devastate your stomach this Christmas season. Pictured here next to actual burrito for comparison. Quite authentic.


2. This game that irresponsibly gives you the power to root through your friends' phones

Imagine your phone has no internet and you're waiting for your friend at a bar where you know no one. Write down all the things you are doing on your phone. Now stick those things on cards and put all your friends together in a room and make them do them with each others' phones. You are now playing Game of Phones.


3. This friendly way to creep out old timers and paranoids alike

What better way to avoid making an appearance at a friendly get-together than sending your drone instead, with a friendly message of peace that along the way terrifies that old man feeding the pigeons and that guy on the bench with the crazy eyes.


4. This combination of one interest you have and one interest you don't have in the most irrelevant way possible

You love photography. You never bake. What better gift than camera-shaped cookie cutters to make your holidays! 


5. This embarrassing way to make a fool of yourself at Snappy Snaps

Scenario: One year from now, you head in to snappy snaps. You hand over some old film rolls you've found in a box, excited to get them developed and see some old memories. You leave and get a call ten minutes later. These are not film rolls, they are salt and pepper shakers. They don't find this funny. Thanks mum.

6. This shortcut keyboard that doesn't understand the meaning of "shortcut"

The point of learning shortcuts is that they are easier than making 2 or 3 clicks. By the time you find the right button on this textbook of a keyboard skin, you'll need to download the next version on Photoshop.