6 amazing tools to make you a more efficient creator

Ever wonder what keeps the Vidsy machine charging ahead at full force? Well, that'd be a combination of innovative ideas, the office PS4, and these necessary tools...

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What it is: An extension for gmail that takes your communications to the next level

Best for: Making you e-mails more personal, interactive, and intuitive. 

Pro tip: Play around with the enhancements to send invites, polls, buttons, availability and GIFS!




What it is: An instant messaging system for work

Best for: Encouraging discussion and interaction between team members

Pro tip: Create multiple channels for your team to organise conversations!




What it is: A virtual white-board to organise and share ideas

Best for: Group brainstorming and compiling ongoing lists of ideas

Pro tip: Use labels to categorize cards by color!




What it is: A virtual checklist

Best for: Tracking progress on projects and assigning tasks to team members

Pro tip: Make sure you're viewing all tasks so you can see outstanding and completed tasks at the same time!

Start A Fire


What it is: An add-on that puts your company's badge on all the content you share

Best for: Increasing traffic on your company's website via twitter

Pro tip: Link your most recent or most popular posts to gain traffic!


Giphy (Our Fave!)


What it is: An online database of GIFs

Best for: Conjuring up the perfect GIF for the occasion

Pro tip: If you can't find what you're looking for, try searching by a synonym. "Consistent" might not yield many results but "repeat" will! 


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