Welcome New Creators!

Signing up as a creator with Vidsy is exciting. There are so many new creative opportunities. There is so much to learn. There are so many stories to tell! 

There are also a tonne of perks that come with being a Vidsy creator...

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1. Exclusive access to creative briefs from big brands like Sony, Cornetto, and Lynx. 

Through Vidsy, creators get the opportunity to produce interesting, engaging content that is fun to create. Only Vidsy creators get to work on these briefs, which means only Vidsy creators have this unique opportunity to develop their skills and challenge their creativity.


2. The opportunity to have your content represent big brands.

Once you've submitted stellar content, your videos can be published by big brands on their social media, reaching millions of people. It used to take years of working in creative to have your work used by brands this big.

At Vidsy, your content is judged solely on creative merit, and succeeds simply because it is the best. Take a shortcut through years of networking and work directly for the big dogs.


3. Personalised feedback and support.

If you're stuck on an concept, or want to know how to bring your content to the next level, just ask! We love to collaborate, brainstorm, and bounce ideas. Vidsy creators can always message us their thoughts and we'll send back advice based on experience, data, and client feedback.


4. Joining a group of original creators.

Our Vidsy creators are a fresh, young, talented bunch, who love what they do and believe in the power of mobile, social video. You are now a member of this growing community. Through Vidsy's platform you can learn from your fellow creators and be inspired by their stories and advice. 


5. Real money!

Doesn't it feel good to get paid for doing what you love? We pay creators out by rank so good work is sure to be rewarded!


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