Vidsy + BarberClub


During this campaign you supported 10 UK creators who created to 10 pieces of content.

For this project you are able to license 5 pieces of content. 

If you have any questions about the content or issues logging in please contact

The Creative Articulation

For this campaign our aim was to create some fast paced content to introduce consumers to the BarberClub range.

Each execution is unique, focusing on different aspects of the range to test different hooks for the consumer. 

Messages can all be customised to test different propositions. 


  • Format: All videos are 9:16, optimised for Instagram Stories. 
  • After content selection is made the videos will be formatted for 1:1 for Instagram in feed. 

Social Elements

  • Quick message
    Proposition explained clearly within the duration of the content

  • Optimised for sound off
    Message understood without the use of voice over, content excites with sound on

  • CTA Devices
    Each video has a unique element to draw the eye of the viewer to the swipe up action on IG stories. 

  • Strong brand association
    BarberClub branding and colours

  • Contextually Relevant
    Posing questions to the consumers and giving them handy tips for better beard maintenance. 

The Content

We have 10 pieces for you to choose from. Below we have suggested our fave 5

Instagram Ad Mockup

Below we have shared an interactive example of an IG post ad.


Click the above mockup to see an example within Instagram


When optimising the content for different formats we don't simply crop into the content. Instead our team of designers repurposes the existing content and ensures that it matches the best practices for the desired formats. 

Below we have created three examples of content that has been created for both Instagram in-feed and Instagram stories. 

The proposition has also been changed to account for awareness (IG in-feed) versus conversion (IG stories).

Use the aspect ratio tool on the left hand side of the linked page to switch between IG in-feed and IG stories.


If you have any questions about the content or issues logging in please contact