Vidsy #Anthelios 


During this campaign you supported 8 UK creators.

For this project your scope allows for 4 pieces of content.

If you have any questions about the content please contact

The Creative Articulation

For this campaign we wanted to focus on raising the brand awareness of the new Anthelios range. 

Some content focuses on a more complex message and some on something a lot more simple. 


  • Format: All videos are optimised 9:16 Portrait for Instagram Story placements. 1:1 variants will be formatted after selections have been made. 

The Content

We have 8 pieces for you to choose from for each product of which 4 can be licensed.

Things to consider...

As we are providing all 4 assets formatted for Instagram Stories and Facebook & Instagram in-feed we would recommend choosing 4 assets that could work across both platforms. 

Below we have highlighted somethings to consider.

  1. Retargetting: As part of the media plan is there content that would be good for retargeting/reminding users?
  2. Content styles: Running as a split test we can test all the pieces without fear of consumers seeing two contrasting styles.  
  3. Learnings: Be ready to learn from the successes and the content that doesn't do so well. But be clear on the objective from the start! 

If you have any questions about the content please contact