The Challenge

We’ve teamed up with Alpro for some foodie fun in 15 seconds. This brief is super simple so have some fun with it! 

Maybe its a race to see who can finish the recipe the quickest or a blindfolded taste test to guess the ingredients, who knows! We want to see how you bring your unique style to a 15 second recipe vid.

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If you have any questions, talk to me! 07979 527 865


What To Do

  • Make the recipe below using Alpro
  • Be sure to get a shot of the Alpro Coconut Original Drink carton in there
  • Keep it fun and fast paced
  • It should be relatable and feel genuine, imagine you were messing around with your mates. 
  • Think about the kind of content that would make you watch a recipe vid - something dynamic and eye catching

    It's literally as simple as that! 👌


Preparation: 10 minutes
Serves: 2 people

200ml Alpro Coconut Drink
40g passion fruit
50g yellow pepper
30g sunflower seeds

1. Peel the yellow pepper and cut it into pieces
2. Scoop out the passion fruit
3. Put all the ingredients into a blender, then add the Alpro Coconut Drink
4. Blend and pour it into a glass

This is the vid that Alpro have made, but now they've come to us to give it a bit of the ol' Vidsy magic and make something more fun and engaging for social media. It's the same recipe but now were just making it that little bit cooler 😎

Inspiration Videos

Fun, playful, engaging, fast-paced

Tasty vids are a great example of quick and engaging recipes

Wonderfully simple, pretty funny and easy to follow


Quick Tips

1. Make it fun!

Get creative! You could create a funny character for your presenter, shoot it somewhere interesting, or get your friends involved for some genuine reactions  

2. Keep it quick and on point

You’ve only got a few seconds so every shot counts! Think about your story and how you can get it across quickly and clearly. 

3. Presentation on point

You’re trying to whet people's appetite so make sure your recipe looks delicious and easy to achieve.

4. Get creative

Use interesting shots to show off the food at its best, it could be a Tasty-style above shot or an interesting close up, don’t be afraid to mix it up! (yes that is pun-tastic) 😉 

Tech Specs:

  • 1920 x 1080, 25p, h.264, mp4
  • At least 10,000kbps Bit Rate and 256 kbps for audio
  • 16:9 videos
  • 1 x 15" videos
  • Around 30-50MB files
  • Download this Premiere Preset for optimum export 👍


  • Make sure you’re using Alpro and that it’s the right version! That’s 'Alpro Coconut Original'
  • Don't involve competitor products such as other food or drink brands, supermarkets.
  • Avoid showing the name of the blender manufacturer too!
  • 1 x 15" videos to be submitted
  • Performer releases should be signed by all people featured in the content
  • All content should be created by yourself and be royalty free
  • Music - grab a 15" cut from PremiumBeat. Note down the name of the track and we'll license it once we have had sign off from Alpro

This challenge is subject to Vidsy terms & privacy policy